The Founding

The Founding

developed by British Land

An exciting and comprehensive vision

The Canada Water Masterplan, developed by British Land, offers an exciting and comprehensive vision for a vibrant and sustainable SE16 community. Situated in Canada Water, this transformative development aims to create a thriving neighbourhood with a range of amenities and facilities. One of the key highlights of The Canada Water Masterplan is the creation of a new high street, the first in London in a generation. This will provide a diverse mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants, enhancing the sense of community and offering convenient services for residents. Additionally, The Masterplan includes the construction of a state-of-the-art leisure centre, offering top-notch sports and recreational facilities for residents to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the development will provide ample office and commercial space, attracting businesses and creating employment opportunities to the tune of 30,000 new workers within the community.

contemporary design with
high-quality finishes

The Founding, the flagship residential building of the Canada Water Masterplan, is a particularly attractive property option for buyers. This residential development combines contemporary design with high-quality finishes, offering a range of stylish apartments and townhouses. The development's proximity to the new high street ensures residents have easy access to an array of retail and dining options. The inclusion of the leisure centre within the masterplan means residents of The Founding can benefit from state-of-the-art fitness facilities just steps away from their homes. The availability of office and commercial spaces within the development creates a dynamic and vibrant environment, with potential for convenient workspaces and a diverse range of amenities for residents and workers alike. The Canada Water Masterplan, including The Founding, presents an exceptional opportunity to be part of a flourishing community with an abundance of amenities, making it a highly appealing property option for buyers seeking a modern and well-connected lifestyle.