First Time Buyer

Questions? Apprehensive? Come to Metro Village and we will take you through the buying process.

If you’re looking to make that important first step into the world of owning a property speak to one of our dedicated professional property consultants who can help you find the perfect first home.

As a first time buyer, this is a fantastic time to enter the property market. There are a wide range of properties on offer to suit every budget and every need. Many lenders are finding creative ways to cut mortgage rates and develop new services to help first-time buyers helping you get on the ladder. If you are buying a new build property you may be offered an incentive with your purchase, at Metro Village we can get you the best deal from a number of developers across the UK and the best incentives! 

First time buyers are busy saving to get them into their own property and because of this, as mentioned above, a wealth of incentives have been devised to make buying certain properties more attractive. From paying legal fees and stamp duty, to assisting with moving expenses, buying from Metro village gives first-time buyers a whole range of opportunities.

The best advice we can offer is, be prepared for a few bumps in the road, when buying a property there can be a few hiccups, don’t let this dishearten you or stop the progress. Metro Village are here to guide you along the way, please utilise our knowledge and skills and remember we are here to help! Metro Village can assist you in finding the best solicitor so your purchase can go as smoothly as possible.