Selling Your Property A Step By Step Guide

Selling your property can be difficult; there are so many things to consider and different estate agents all vying for your business. Having worked in the industry for a number of years now, we believe Estate Agency is very much a business based on trust, which is exactly what you get with Metro Village. With us, you will find a great local team of people who are passionate & enthusiastic about the service they provide and the market they work in. Our unique blend of modern technology and people power provides you with a top quality selling partner.

Our sales team are hand-picked for their local knowledge, passion about the market and experience. We work with the latest technology and award winning marketing techniques. Your property will be advertised on, all major portals and in local newspapers and magazines for maximum coverage. We also have ties with Chinese media and we use Chinese social media outlets to promote properties. As the seller, you will receive regular feedback from the team. The feedback will give you an idea of how the property is performing compared to others in the market and if there is anything we need to do further to assist with the sale.  We will enlist a professional photographer to take professional images, highlighting the best of the property. Accurate valuations are highly important when you enter your property to the marketplace, a realistic price point in the early stages is key as this is when there is most activity.

We also have a range of professional services and products which are affordable to you and your buyer. We provide services that benefits both sellers & buyers. These are all relevant and essential services to progress your sale. From arranging EPC’s and providing fantastic mortgage advice. If you’re not sure about conveyancing, protecting your mortgage payments or arranging home contents insurance, we’ve got you covered too, just speak to one of the team.

With this step by step guide to selling we have put together for you, selling your home should be easy!

Step 1: The Valuation

The aim is to sell your property in the shortest possible time for the maximum possible price.

At Metro Village, our experienced and knowledgeable team will value your property and they will ensure they give you an accurate valuation on your property, we won’t give you the price we think you want to hear for us to win the instruction, we will give you the most honest, accurate and current price your property is worth.

Also, in choosing and appointing Metro Village as your agents you can be sure that you will receive the maximum exposure when it comes to marketing your property.

Step 2: Sorting out the Legal side

To ensure the stress-free and smooth sale of your property, it is very important to instruct an efficient and knowledgeable solicitor. It’s a good idea to take some time out to decide on who exactly you wish to instruct as your solicitor. We have a number of recommendations that we would quite happily pass onto you. Just get in contact with us!

Step 3: First Impressions

First impressions are incredibly important, particularly if you want a swift and successful sale. Just making a few minor adjustments to your home by adding that extra lick of paint and finishing any leftover DIY jobs can have a big impact, and will ensure that your property is in demand and purchased quickly. Once any amendments have been made Metro Village will attend your property and take professional photographs for marketing purposes.

Step 4: Viewings and Marketing the Property

It is very important to us that your property gets the maximum exposure across a variety of media to ensure you receive the best possible result.

As well as this, we carry out accompanied viewings, many of which are held on weekends and after working hours, this is to ensure that your property gets maximum viewing opportunities.

Step 5: Receiving Offers

Once Metro Village has officially put your property on the market, its likely offers will come in very quickly. We will inform you of these, as well as advise you of which buyer’s offer to accept and our reasons behind this.

Step 6: Agreeing on an Offer

We will do a number of things for you once you have agreed upon an offer, such as preparing a memorandum of sale and writing to all parties to confirm the agreed price.

Metro Village will support and advise you every step of the way throughout the process of negotiation.

Your solicitor will also be involved at this point in setting up a draft contract for the buyer’s solicitor who will carry out preliminary enquiries. It is at this point you can agree on dates for the survey of your property, the exchange of contracts, and also finally, upon a proposed date for completion.

Step 7: Exchange of Contracts

At this stage we will contact the buyer to obtain their solicitor’s details. We will then pass this on to your solicitor so they can get going with drawing up the contracts.

The next stage can sometimes take a little while, as the buyer and their lender will carry out surveys and valuations on the building, and will ensure everything is correct in terms of the paperwork. Metro Village will however keep you well informed every step of the way and undertake any re-negotiations on your part.

Once this is all complete and both parties are happy, the exchange of contracts is ready to take place, a completion date can be set by mutual agreement, the money will be transferred and the conveyancing process can complete as the property legally changes hands.

Completion usually takes place roughly two weeks after the exchange, though you can choose to have the exchange of contracts and completion take place on the same day.

Step 8: The Finish Line- Completion!

Completion is when your solicitor will inform you that the money has cleared in your account and will inform us to release the keys to the buyer.
The legal transfer has occurred at this point and the property officially belongs to your buyer.

Congratulations! The job is complete, and your property has officially been successfully sold!