Source For You

Source for you is the latest concept to come from the award winning team at Metro Village.

We source single or multiple properties on your behalf across the UK, we filter the best properties to meet all of your requirements so you don’t have to and we negotiate the best possible price.

Our team are experts in the UK property market; their knowledge on anything from legislation to the latest trends is second to none.

We work on behalf of you, whether you are a domestic or overseas investor, a family looking to purchase the perfect home or a first time buyer, we find out your requirements and use our extensive knowledge and contacts to match your needs.

What makes us different?

We are investors and property purchasers ourselves so we understand the importance of finding the right property, whether that property has to meet certain criteria for your family or generate a certain yield each month, we find this for you!
Want a shark tank in the middle of your room? We will find it! Want the best views of London? We can get that for you! Want your property painted pink? We will make it happen!

We know London and we know London really well. We have an edge over competitors as we make it our business to ‘keep our ear to the ground’ to find out what’s going on through research and our contacts. We know what parts of London are really ‘up and coming’. We know where the best schools, colleges and universities are, we are able to advise you on parts of London with the best restaurants or transport links or local facilities. If you are not fully ‘clued up’ on London, we offer you practical and honest advice and educate you on what you need to know.

We have access to properties before they are built (off plan) giving us an advantage over other ‘estate agents’ we work alongside a number of developers meaning we have an insider’s guide to what is coming up and where, this also means we are offered the properties at the very early stages giving us the best possible price.

We work alongside a number of estate agents so we have access to properties before they are on the market. We are informed of anything coming up before it hits Rightmove or Zoopla and this means we are able to negotiate the best prices.

We offer you unparalleled, endless advice as part of the package. We are on hand to help you and guide you through the process.