Surrey Quays

Choosing a place to live in London is tough. Apart from the cost, which is always very high, there are schools, bars and restaurants, and transport links to consider. Some people even find it hard picking a location because there are that many of them right now. Metro Village is here to help. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or lease, we will use our expertise to find you find the perfect property or the best deal. Because we’re committed to the cause, we are confident we’ll help you hit your goals. As estate agents in the Big Smoke, we don’t take any half measures. If you don’t want to either, there is only one choice for your Surrey Quays project – Metro Village.

Surrey Quays used to be a maze of waterworks on the bank of the Thames. However, that all changed when the networks slipped into disuse in the 1960s. By 1969, they were derelict and out of action. In the early 80s, the LDDC revived the area with a fifteen-year regeneration scheme. The number of people living in Surrey Quays jumped from 6,000 into the tens of thousands.

SQ has always been a magnet for redevelopment and regeneration, so it’s no surprise there are more plans for the future. A £3bn plan is in the works to adorn the skyline with modern skyscrapers, as well as adding classy piazzas too.

Lifestyle Bonuses

Coffee shops, bars and restaurants are bound to pop up under the terms of the investment. However, it’s the extras which have potential buyers calling estate agents asking for more information. Surrey Quays has a beautiful public square that is home to food and market stalls alike. Included in the skyline is a range of innovative and striking architecture. The inverted pyramid library in neighbouring Canada Water is something residents never quite get used to.

And, Surrey Quays takes its history seriously too. The old Printworks, which is now home to the club scene, stands as a reminder when print journalism used to be in fashion. As well as this building, the marinas are also staying so that residents get an excellent view of the water from their homes.


It’s hard to argue that Surrey Quays isn’t one of the most well-connected areas in the whole of London. Being on the Overground, it’s only a ten to twelve-minute journey to Shoreditch and Peckham. Dalston is less than a twenty minutes ride away on the train. With Rotherhithe and Canada Water around the corner, there is a Jubilee Line connection to Stratford and Bond Street.

Where To Buy

For London prices, Surrey Quays is an affordable place to live. Buyers will find that the townhouses and terraces which frequent the region will start at under £750,000. Victorian estates are around to £1mn to £1.5mn mark. Rentals are good too, with a three-bedroom flat ranging from £1,500 to £2,500 for a central postcode.

Metro Village understands the Surrey Quays area better than the majority of estate agents in London. Speak to us now to learn more about the region and about how to invest.