Metro Village is an expert in buying, selling and letting property in the London area. Thanks to our transparency, the way we conduct business is a special and unique experience. You’ll be blown away by our customer service and the effectiveness of how work ethic. As estate agents that commit to the cause of our customers, we are proud to say we get results. In fact, we take pride in every element of the search so that you get the perfect deal. Rotherhithe is a vibrant, bustling place to live. If you want to make the dream a reality, there’s no doubt you need our help.

Rotherhithe has a rich history of being a working waterway which served London, the UK and the world. In 1620, the Mayflower left Rotherhithe port to head to Southampton. From there, it took the Pilgrim Fathers to the New World, also known as America in the 21st-century. Fifty years ago, Rotherhithe was a working port along with the likes of Canada Water and Surrey Quays.

Today, it’s an area of regeneration which is making it one of the most popular postcodes in London. Destroyed by WWII, the building work didn’t start until four decades after the end of the war. As a result, the homes here are traditional brick houses and not concrete. Also, there aren’t as many high rise flats or tower blocks.

The Atmosphere

Because it was somewhat forgotten after World War Two, the feeling is that Rotherhithe is a small town in a sprawling megalopolis. The skyline isn't cluttered and it is also a conservation area so there are vast, open spaces. As a result, it’s like living in a village on the outskirts of the capital city.

To-Do List

What makes Rotherhithe a favourite among estate agents and buyers is the range of activities. Filled with bars and restaurants, there is never a shortage of new places to try for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Mayflower pub is our top tip. Not only is it cosy with excellent customer service, but it is in the exact spot where the Mayflower set sail centuries ago.

Rotherhithe is as cultural as it is historic and contemporary. The Brunel museum pays homage to the Brunel family, one of the greatest engineering dynasties ever to live. Their work is still visible across London today with the Thames Tunnel, Blackfriars Railway Bridge, and the Great Western Railway. Midnight Apothecary is a pop-up cocktail bar that resides on the roof and is (was) somewhat of a secret.

With Lavender Pond and the woodland at Russia Dock, there are plenty of walks.


Rotherhithe isn’t cheap and any estate agents that say otherwise are bending the truth. However, it’s only going to rise in popularity thanks to its location and excellent transport links. At the moment, it’s an unknown yet that is set to change. When it does, the resale value of 90% of the properties will skyrocket. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this, our estate agents are here to help. Call Metro Village now and let’s get the ball rolling.