Canary Wharf

You’re thinking of selling, letting or buying a new home and it’s stressful. From deciding in which area to live to which estate agents to choose, there is nothing straightforward about the process. At Metro Village, we understand deciding to move is a huge decision and one you shouldn’t take lightly. That's why we are committed to helping you hit your targets. Locating an affordable, beautiful home in Canary Wharf isn’t a problem when you have our team by your side. We listen to your wants and needs and incorporate them into the experience. That’s why there is nobody better than us in the industry right now.

There’s no reason to explain why you want to move to the area – Canary Wharf is the financial capital of the capital. As such, it draws in interested parties from all over the world. It’s known as a “city within a city” for a reason – it’s atmospheric, multicultural vibe. Canary Wharf is a microcosm of what London has become in the last ten to fifteen years. With skyscrapers popping up around the E14 postcode, buyers can browse through a range of homes and flats. There’s an incredible range in this district.

But, it isn’t all high-end apartments and luxury, branded shops. As well as the latter, there is a local feel thanks to the regions vicinity to the Isle of Dogs, Limehouse and Poplar. Each area has a very different look, feel and community to the others, which is refreshing and exciting.

Eateries and Inns

What makes an area appealing to estate agents and homeowners are the little things. Bars and restaurants and places to enjoy entertainment are the cherries on top of the icing for buyers and sellers. Canary Wharf doesn’t disappoint as it has some of the best establishments in the city. That’s why over 100,000 people descend on CW each day.

Don’t worry if you hate queues because the location is so good that you can walk to an incredible alternative within minutes. We recommend heading over the bridge to West India Quay or Westferry Circus. The waiting times are non-existent but the dim sum at Royal China is unbeatable.

Interested Parties Will Love

Aside from the bustling atmosphere and central location, Canary Wharf has more to offer. Its range of opportunities means you don’t have to be in the market for a place to live. Investors regularly snap up properties in the region. With some starting at £140k and a potential resale value percentage of 15% to 20%, it’s a no-brainer.

Canary Wharf doesn’t provide houses – it offers homes. As much of the area is council owned or ex-council owned, the properties are larger. Not only that, but supermarket giants such as ASDA and Tesco are stationed throughout. There’s even a stunning marina which is perfect for walks or admiring the scenery. Speaking of, don’t be surprised if you spot a celebrity as Limehouse is popular among the rich and famous.

To find out more about what is available and to learn about Canary Wharf, call one of our expert estate agents now.