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Battersea is well known for its power station which once pumped out tons of coal. Nowadays, it’s a fantastic opportunity for homeowners who want a central postcode and a short commute into the city centre. Why? It’s because the iconic Battersea Power Station is undergoing a massive transformation. It's turning the former coal-fired power station into a place to live. This is making the development one of the most sought after addresses in the whole of the capital. Only a stone's throw from Chelsea and Clapham, people are dying to get in on the ground floor.


Battersea is quickly turning into one of the most popular postcodes in London, but it hasn’t always been this way. Up until a few years ago, it went under the radar while its neighbours boomed. Part of this was down to the power station itself; living next to one wasn’t very appealing. Another factor was the lack of a tube station. While Battersea is two minutes away from Victoria station, the fact the Underground doesn’t run through it was problematic.

The Changes

Battersea is almost unrecognisable from a decade ago. The power station isn’t an ugly blot any longer with the contemporary and stunning flats now in view. Also, there are plans for a tube station to run through the district by 2020. All this has led to £600 millions worth of power station properties being sold in a single day. Battersea is now known as “Pram Springs” due to its meteoric rise in recent years. Apple is also interested, confirming that the power station will house its new London Headquarters.

Getting Around

If you can’t wait for another year, there are plenty of quality transport links in the area. Battersea Park runs an Overground service into the heart of the capital, terminating at Victoria station. Queenstown Road is another excellent link. A fun fact: Clapham Junction is also in Battersea but rail bosses didn’t want it associated with the region.

Aside from three busy stations, there are bus routes to Charing Cross, Chelsea and Fulham. The last two are close enough that you can walk to them within fifteen minutes.


If estate agents know one thing other than properties, it’s bars and restaurants. There are too many to mention, so we recommend Chez Bruce or Battersea Barge. You’ll be glad to hear the schools are very strong in this area as are the beautiful parks and the riverside living.

If Battersea sounds like a place you want to get to know better, get in touch with one of our estate agents to discuss your options.