Post Covid-19 Property Viewings – Managing Risks

News at Metro Village | 18/06/2020

Have you had your eyes caught onto a certain property? Do you wish to check out the property in person? Here is a quick guide to how to go about viewing your potential future home.

Virtual viewings

Taking into consideration social distancing and safety measures, virtual viewings have now proved to be a popular option. Being either a video recording or a video call, this helps negate any issues we may have with safety concerns, but yet can be just as informative and personal as a normal viewing.

We have videos ready for each property that you may be interested in, so please don't hesitate to contact us for a video recording or a video call at the property.

Virtual viewings have proven to be very helpful, as we at Metro Village have experienced letting out and selling properties through virtual tours alone. And with the lock-down restrictions slowly easing, we believe this will still be a popular property viewing method going forward.

Physical viewings

We understand that sometimes a virtual viewing is not enough to give you a real feel of a property, but we are now able to help arrange physical viewings.

Our priority is of course, maintaining the safety of all our clients and team, so should we conduct a physical viewing, we will ensure all parties involved in the viewing are following strict safety measures and are confident for it to go ahead. Before the viewing takes place, we ask all prospective tenants/buyers health questions such as whether or not they are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has displayed symptoms in the last 7 days etc. Nobody from our team will be present if they have displayed any covid 19 symptoms. We will be wearing face masks and gloves and we insist that our clients MUST also do the same. All staff have their own PPE bag that they take with them at each appointment, which contains an abundant supply of face masks, gloves, shoe covers, so we are able to provide PPE to clients where required. Hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes will also be readily available at all times. Only 2 people will be permitted to attend viewings, unless they are all from the same household. We will maintain a 2 meter distance from viewers at all times, we will open all internal doors (where possible) and viewings will last no more than 15 minutes.

5 Tips to help out with viewings 

Here are some personal tips to help make the most out of your property search in this current climate:

1) When asking for videos of properties, also ask for the floor-plan to get a better understanding of the layout of a property.

2) Most virtual viewings only show the interior of a property and not much else. Therefore it's worth asking for the address to your interested property and doing some research. Search online and check Google Maps to see the surrounding neighborhood, where the property is positioned, and know what local amenities and services are around, such as shops, schools, public transport etc.

3) Should you have your eye on a property and want to secure it quickly, but yet, not have the opportunity to view the property physically either because the tenants doesn't allow for it or for other reasons, please don't give up any hope. You are more than welcome to put an offer forward on a property having only seen the property via video. But make sure to confirm your offer as 'subject to a physical viewing'.

4) Property viewings nowadays are a lot more restrictive than it used to be before Covid-19. Should it be a physical viewing or a video tour, always try to ask lots of questions about the property! Make sure you know what you're looking for in your desired property, so make a list of questions or a checklist beforehand. Put those forward to the property agents when you inquire about properties to avoid missing any details.

5) Should you be able to view a property physically, please do come prepared with face masks and gloves. Safety is top priority!

Though we are currently going through some very unusual times, don't let that hinder your search for your potential new home. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us should you have any inquiries or need any advice.