Selling a property can be an extremely stressful process. Everybody loves their home, but it is important when selling a property to convince somebody else of your property’s potential too.

With Metro Village’s simple step-by-step guide this process needn’t be stressful, and your property will be sold off in absolutely no time at all!

Step 1: The Valuation
The aim is to sell your property in the shortest possible time for the maximum possible price.
At Metro Village, our experienced and knowledgeable valuers will ensure they give you an accurate valuation on your property.
Also, in choosing and appointing Metro Village as your agents you can be sure that you will receive the maximum exposure and price for your property.

Step 2: Sorting out the Legal side
To ensure the stress-free and smooth sale of your property, it is very important to instruct an efficient and knowledgeable solicitor. It’s a good idea to take some time out to decide on who exactly you wish to instruct as your solicitor. We have a number of recommendations that we would quite happily pass onto you. Just get in contact with us!

Step 3: First Impressions
First impressions are incredibly important and count for a lot, particularly if you want a swift and successful sale. Just making a few minor adjustments to your home by adding that extra lick of paint and finishing any leftover DIY jobs can have a big impact, and will ensure that your property is very quickly snapped up.Once this has been done Metro Village will attend your property and take professional photographs for marketing purposes. Finally, your property is fully ready for viewings.

Step 4: Viewings and Marketing the Property
It is very important to us that your property get the maximum exposure across a variety of media to ensure you receive the best possible result.

As well as this, we carry out accompanied viewings, many of which are held on weekends and after working hours, to ensure that your property gets maximum viewing opportunities.

Step 5: Receiving Offers
Once Metro Village has officially put your property on the market, you will very quickly begin to generate offers.
We will inform you of these, as well as advise you of which buyer’s offer to accept.

Step 6: Agreeing on an Offer
We will do a number of things for you once you have agreed upon an offer, such as preparing a memorandum of sale, and writing to all parties to confirm the agreed price.

Metro Village will support and advise you every step of the way throughout the process of negotiation.
Your solicitor will also be involved at this point in setting up a draft contract for the buyer’s solicitor who will carry out preliminary enquiries. It is at this point you can agree on dates for the survey of your property, the exchange of contracts, and also finally, upon a proposed date for completion.

Step 7: Exchange of Contracts
At this stage we will contact the buyer to obtain their solicitor’s details. We will then pass this on to your solicitor so they can get going with drawing up the contracts.

The next stage can sometimes take a little while, as the buyer and their lender will carry out surveys and valuations on the building, and will ensure everything is correct in terms of the paperwork. Metro Village will however keep you well informed every step of the way.
Once this is all complete, the exchange of contracts is ready to take place, a completion date can be set by mutual agreement, the money will get transferred, and the conveyancing process can complete as the property legally changes hands.
Completion usually takes place roughly two weeks after the exchange, though you can choose to have the exchange of contracts and completion take place on the same day.

Step 8: The Finish Line- Completion!
Completion is when your solicitor will inform you that the money has cleared in your account and will inform us to release the keys.
The legal transfer has occurred at this point and the property officially belongs to your buyer.
Congratulations! The job is complete, and your property has officially been successfully sold!